Hello, dreamers!

CanLucidDream is a Windows application for lucid dreaming that uses Text To Speech and Audio files to create a dream experience. This is currently a free application and is in need of people to try it out, make comments and ask for improvements.

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CanLucidDream enables you to create the following objects:

  • Authors
  • DreamScripts
  • Schedules
  • Schedule Items
  • ScheduleLists
  • ScheduleList Items
  • Sounds
  • Waits


CanLucidDream has built in functionality for these techniques:

  • CAT
  • WBTB
  • Subliminal (DreamScript)

  • As well as the above, Schedules and ScheduleLists can be created with specific times for audio cues and descriptive dreamscapes for lucid dreaming


    Packages can be created of your own objects that can then be shared with other CanLucidDream users. There is even a forum specifically for users to share and try out objects created by other users.

    Each of the objects in CanLucidDream can be automatically packaged into a compressed archive that includes all relevant files for users to try your dreams.